Welcome to the 2G KNIVES website. We are specialized in handmade hunting knives for all types of use, whether for exhibition, hunting or tactical / military purposes,  following the standards of our mentors William ScagelRobert Loveless and many others, precursors of the new order of forged handmade knives. As disciples, we make our own reading in the creation of this legendary instrument, creating a new style: we call them: The 2G KNIVES

One of the joys of owning a 2G knife is the knowledge that, from the very first fitting, every element of the knife has been made entirely to your personal specifications and taste. When placing your order for a 2G knife, you set in train a process of hand-crafting that may take up to several weeks to complete.

                 Rodrigo Mulero Crespí.

Tel.: (+34) 653 832 964 · knives@2gknives.com


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